the crew

-Me, looking lovingly at a thrift store sign off in the distance

Meet tara

Hey All! I'm Tara, chief Dreamer - Finder - Gatherer at Bird's Eye Boutique. I originate from the Cowichan Valley in Central Vancouver Island. I have had a passion for giving new life to discarded clothing​ for over 20 years. I truly believe that every purchase we make is our personal vote within the universal consumer marketplace. If we continue to make mindful, sustainable choices we continue to vote for a better, cleaner future. I'm by no means perfect, but I learn a little every day and make increasingly conscious choices about where I cast my consumer vote. Over nearly 20 years in the recycled clothing game it's been exciting to watch as the world embraces resale, recycling, and sustainability in fresh new ways.  Along with my passion for refashion, I'm grateful to be able to showcase leatherwork by my partner and I, and custom jewelry by me in this beautiful community.