How it all started

Our chief curator, Tara, has had a passion for giving new life to discarded clothing​ for over 20 years. She truly believes that every purchase we make is our personal vote within the universal consumer marketplace. If we continue to make mindful, sustainable choices we continue to vote for a better, cleaner future. Over nearly 20 years in the recycled clothing game it's been exciting to watch as the world embraces resale, recycling, and sustainability in fresh new ways. 

In 2013 Bird's Eye Boutique was opened in Downtown Invermere. Just open a few days a week at the time and in a small office space, Tara's little dream became a reality. With over location changes over the years and a few resilience building bumps in the road along the way, Bird's Eye Boutique is now a flourishing resale clothing boutique in Downtown Invermere. With new items being added every day it's like a brand new store each time you walk in the door. We're all so excited to see you and help you find your next favourite item.